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Effective immediately, the Sky Falls claim site will be turned off and the contract will be shut down. In its place, Game of Silks will airdrop a Sky Falls parcel to all wallets containing qualified unclaimed avatars by Saturday, October 21. You will receive one Sky Falls Land Parcel for each eligible avatar you hold. In order for your avatar to be eligible for the airdrop it must have been eligible to claim by November 10th. This means that your avatar must not have already used its claim and meet one of the following criteria:

The avatar must be in the same wallet for at least 45 days prior to 10/22/22
The avatar was purchased before 11.55pm ET on September 26 and has remained in the same wallet since then.

DO NOT transfer unclaimed avatars during this period or they will lose their claim. You must wait until you receive your airdrop before moving your avatar.